Mark Kentwell

Co-Founder | Director, PRD Presence Newcastle

Mark may operate in the present, but his mind is fixated on the future; optimising, strategising and innovating his business, team, and clients towards a divine final form. It’s this attitude which has seen him shape an industry and has awarded him accolades such as the title of three times PRD Australian Principal of the Year across all brands, finalist for REB’s Thought Leader of the Year and acting as the head of the #4 ranking REB office nationwide in the last year alone. And having achieved the two largest record sales in Newcastle history of $7,250,000 and $8,700,000, it’s no surprise why.

For Mark, leading from the front begins with standing behind his team at every auction; shaking hands and shaking up the strategy with sharp words of advice. Less like a boss and more like a mentor, Mark’s bond with his staff has developed as naturally as the admirable PRD culture moulded in his image. His example is set at a standard above the rest — and he actively coaches his agents to rise to the occasion, each armed with enhanced strengths and optimised weaknesses. Uncompromising and unyielding, there is no win/lose when it comes to Team MK — only outcomes where every stakeholder is seen, heard, and validated — because that’s what true success looks like in real estate.


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